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Music Business Portfolio

Personal Brand Video (Project & Portfolio I, April 2018)

This video showcases my personal brand as a photographer and aspiring artist manager.

'Pitching to Potential Investors' Video (Business Law, May 2018)

This video features how I would pitch myself to a potential investor for my business.

Analysis Report (Project & Portfolio II, June 2018)

This analysis report provides insight into one of the top streaming services,  Spotify Technology.

Member of Music Business Association ( (August 2018)

In August 2018, I became a member of the Music Business Association to further immerse myself in the music industry.

Proposal to an Investor (Professional Writing, August 2018)

This assignment features a hypothetical business proposal to an investor for a local band.

Music Video Project (Project & Portfolio III, September 2018)


In this class, we worked on creating the elements needed for a successful music video, leading up to participating in the actual music video shoot on the last day of class.

Prospectus and Treatment:

Production Schedule:

Shooting Schedule:

Music Video Final Cut:

Coming soon

Artist Target Audience & Goals (Artist Management, October 2018)

This was a group assignment focusing on identifying a popular band's target market, analyzing a local band and creating goals for said local band.

Artist Pitch to a Publishing Company (Music Copyright & Publishing, November 2018)

This assignment is a hypothetical pitch to a major publishing company for an unsigned band.

Personal Best Leadership Infographic (Leadership & Organizational Behavior, November 2018)

Through a series of assessments and personal reflection, I created this infographic displaying my strongest leadership skills.

'Identifying Musical Instrumentation' Paper (Project & Portfolio IV, December 2018)

The purpose of this assignment was to identify and understand instrumentation within musical works.

Sizzle Video, One Sheet, Final Pitch (Project & Portfolio IV, December 2018)

The purpose of the sizzle video was to create a video that gives important information about a currently unsigned band or artist that we will pitch later in the month. The goal of the video is to get the viewer to click on it to hear the sound and further research the band or artist. The one sheet displays important information about the band that would be useful for readers to know. The final pitch showcases putting all of this information and more together to pitch the chosen band or artist to 3300+ Climbing, Full Sail's Artist Development initiative.


Music Video by Brandon Lane.

Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy (Music Business Marketing, January 2019)

This assignment showcases a marketing plan for a company that I made up. Along with it is a 30 second commercial. View here.

Press Release & Self Bio (Music Business Marketing, January 2019)

This assignment showcases a press release for an upcoming event or music release of an artist or band that is currently unsigned, and a self bio.

3 Year Touring Plan (Project & Portfolio V, February 2019)

The purpose of this assignment was to create a 3 year touring strategy for an unsigned band.

Product Plan & Release Strategy (Music Retail and Distribution, March 2019)

The product plan features a plan for the release of an upcoming album for an unsigned band. Topics include: distributors, #1 fan profile, retailer sheets, media contact sheets, and more. The release strategy shows a timeline of events that will be completed for the band's pre and post release strategies in order to have a successful release.

Album Artwork Creation (Project & Portfolio VI, May 2019)

For this assignment, the task was to create artwork for a hypothetical album release of an artist, which would be used in future assignments throughout the month for a product release plan and strategy.

Final Proposal (Project & Portfolio VII, July 2019)

This final proposal was a partnered based project constructed over the course of two weeks. It showcases a proposal idea to an industry company to help them expand.