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Interview: Lakeshore talk Warped Tour, New Album

August 1, 2017

Recently I talked with Ben Lionetti of Lakeshore about their new album, "41”, and some other topics regarding the band’s future. Lakeshore is a newer band from CT partially formed with ex members of Emmure, Ben and Joe Lionetti. Check out the interview below: 


BCP: You have a new EP dropping on August 4th. What can fans expect from this?

Ben Lionetti: Expect some fresh new rock and roll you can enjoy with your friends and have fun singing along!


BCP: After you and Joe departed Emmure, what was the inspiration to join Lakeshore?

BL: We just wanted to do something that was completely from the heart and something that had real meaning behind it with musical influences we grew up listening to. 


BCP: Who are your musical influences?

BL: Deftones, Aerosmith, KoRn, Steely Dan anything that rocks and gives you "that" feeling.


BCP: Where is one place that you hope to tour one day?

BL: I would love to make it back to Australia, but either way we are just excited to get back out there and play these tunes for everyone!


BCP: What bands or artists have you recently been listening to?

BL: Cult of Aurora from Italy and Vault 51 from Atlanta Georgia- 2 great bands.


BCP: What was the strangest or most memorable conversation that you’ve had with a fan?

BL: I wont choose just one cause each one whether strange or deep and meaningful means something... they're all special to us.


BCP:What are your hopes for Lakeshore in the future?

BL: We want it all...


BCP: If you could switch lives with one of your band members, who would you choose and why? 

BL: Prob Chris our bass player cause he's so level headed ... sometimes I feel like a complete maniac lol


BCP: After the Vans Warped Tour ends, what are your plans?

BL: We go on tour with Alesana & Eyes Set To Kill starting August 4th which is the day we release our debut EP "41" Also will have a music video coming out for the last track on the album called "Pure//Imagination that day. That's about it for now!


Be sure to check out Lakeshore's new album, "41", available August 4th, and follow them on social media: 


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