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EP Review: Lost in Society- 'Eager Heart'

May 25, 2018




Punk rock trio Lost in Society have released a new EP via Wiretap Records. The EP is definitely a must hear for fans of Green Day. 


"Creature" is easily one of my favorite songs off this EP. It is super catchy and upbeat right from the beginning, with vocalist Zach Moyle's unique and raspy voice absolutely killing it throughout. This is a song that I'll be blasting in my car for ages. The guitar fills remind me of old school Green Day, and that's what makes the song all the more better. It is easy to hear the bass throughout this song; that is one thing that I feel often lacks in music, but it certainly does not here. 


Another favorite off this EP is "Stop Me Again". The chorus is really catchy and is the type to get stuck your head. My favorite lyrics from the song is "I'm not your hero baby, I'm not your hero. I'm not the one that you deserve." 


"Kid" is last up on the tracklist, and it is the perfect way to end the EP. It is another super catchy track, and has its own sense of uniqueness in the song. Moyle has some more hardcore vocals throughout, which fits perfectly in the song. 


Overall, this EP is a must hear, and definitely a favorite of mine for 2018. 

Track List: 

  1. Eager Heart

  2. Creature

  3. Stop Me Again

  4. Fuck Boy

  5. Kid

Purchase 'Eager Heart' physically and digitally here: http://wiretaprecords.limitedrun.com/

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