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Show Review + Photos: Dirty Heads at Orlando Amphitheater

May 29, 2018

As you enter the field, you are swept away through an endless current.  Entranced by timeless tales and mellow melodies, it feels as if you can no longer pull away from the crowd. Watching the setting sun over beautiful views of a Florida marsh, Dirty Heads sure know how to kick off the week in a proper setting. Whether you be stationed with a picnic on the lawn or a circle of friends by the water’s edge, you are able to catch the last bit of sunlight as it prepares to set in a spring sky. Perfect for family outings and friend gatherings, no one could have asked for a better opening to their week.  Leading into the events of the evening, the dynamic of the crowd shifts in preparation for the night’s celebration.  And Dirty Heads prove to bring a celebration that is guaranteed never to be forgotten.


Opening the headline with an eclectic mix of popular tunes, Dirty Heads immediately captures the minds of all in attendance. The crowd feels as one as we are taken by waves of exploration throughout the times and topics that have captivated minds alike for decades.  Bringing it back to their roots, Dirty Heads play a wonderful rendition of “Lay Me Down” before continuing to push forward to the present with the introduction of a new song entitled “Visions.”  Whether one is a new blooded fan in this revitalizing force or a diehard of decades, Dirty Heads continue to impress and invoke a call to get on this legendary bus.  After all, the perfect wave only comes once in a lifetime.


Words by Colton Lodge + Photos by Brooke Champine




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