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Album Review: Dance Gavin Dance 'Artificial Selection'

June 8, 2018


Two years since their last release, Dance Gavin Dance dropped their new LP  'Artificial Selection' this past Friday. The highly anticipated album is without a doubt, one of the best albums of 2018 thus far. Prior to the official LP release, "Son of Robot", "Midnight Crusade", "Care", and "Count Bassy" were released off the album. Each of these songs are super unique and catchy. The album in it's entirety distinguishes a special sound for the band that sets them apart from many other rock bands. 


Not only does this album excel instrumentally, it does lyrically as well. The pre-chorus to "Count Bassy" definitely stuck with me. "Don’t get all sentimental about it, oh no. The sun comes up, the rain comes down. There ain’t nothing you can do to change it. Don’t get all sentimental about it, oh no. Life’s not fair. Empathy is overrated". 


"The Rattler" is one of the heavier songs on the album, and definitely a favorite of mine. It is super upbeat and catchy, and would be a killer song to play at a show. I can imagine the crowd just going nuts over it. 


"Shelf Life" is a unique song, and you notice the different vocals right from the beginning. The guest vocalist is ex- Dance Gavin Dance vocalist Kurt Travis. This was a really cool thing for DGD to do; it's not a move that many bands would make.


Overall, this album is a sure 10/10 for me. I wasn't a heavy listener of Dance Gavin Dance before they started to release a couple of tracks on this album, but after hearing the entire LP, I'm definitely going to check out more of the previous albums as well.




1. Son of Robot

2. Midnight Crusade

3. Suspended In This Disaster

4. Care

5. Count Bassy

6. Flash

7. The Rattler

8. Shelf Life

9. Slouch

10. Story of My Bros

11. Hair Song

12. Gospel Burnout

13. Bloodsucker

14. Evaporate 


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