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Chase Atlantic Release 'Don't Try This' EP, Out 1/25

January 30, 2019

                                                                     Photo by Brooke Champine


Aussie band, Chase Atlantic, is starting the new year off right by dropping some new tunes for our listening pleasure, and all I can say is that I am so excited to see where this music takes the band this year.


The 6 song EP, featuring singles ‘Like A Rockstar’ and ‘You Too’ is a great showcase of all of Chase’s distinct and attention-grabbing sound. “Lust” and “You Too” feature the vibey and dreamy saxophone solos that the band is known for. “Devilish”, a highly anticipated song by fans as this song was live debuted on their 2018 world tour, is an upbeat and avant-garde song that is for sure one of the most memorable of this EP. Surely after one listens you’ll be singing the chorus in your head for the rest of the day.


Opening track “What u Call That” features the chorus “seven-headed snake, what u call that”, which were the lyrics that several Chase members tweeted out a couple of months ago without context. Finally hearing how it all came together was a great experience upon first listen.

“GreenGreenGreen” is a very different sounding song compared to the rest of the EP, yet it still works for the band very well. It is a semi fast-paced song with a catchy chorus. It is definitely a bop.


Overall, this EP indefinitely kicks ass, and out of ten, I’d score it as a 9.


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